Alright, buckle up for the wild ride of my unexpected Disney adventure! So, here's the real deal—I never thought I'd be a "Disney Adult," but life's full of surprises, right? Fast forward to a spontaneous trip to Disney's Magic Kingdom with my 1 and 3-year-olds. Best. Decision. Ever.

Picture this: Little planning, last-minute vibes. We were just casually in Florida, about 1.5 hours away, and thought, "Hey, why not hit up Disney for the day?" Now, if you know me, you'd understand the struggle of not having those matching family shirts, ears, and the whole shebang. Torture!

But hey, lesson learned for the next round of Disney madness. Next time, I'm stepping up my game. I'll be the prepared parent with coordinated outfits, Mickey-inspired headbands, and maybe even some choreographed dance moves—because why not? Because next time, it's not just a trip; it's a spectacle. The magic is real, folks, and I'm here for it! So, note to self: When Mickey Mouse calls, answer with style! 🐭✨
Here is the outfit I wish I had. It is not crazy over the top by any means, and it's a nice alternative to the Micky Mouse Ears. I wanted something I could wear outside of the parks and still look chic. Plus, this headband is too die for!
Disney Alternative Ears
Shoe's here (size down half a size) | Headband here | Sweatshirt is from a small Shop 
Micky Mouse Ears

Cheers to our stylish journey a head(band).



Written by Carlye Cordes

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